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Hi, I'm Betty Siame.

I have been a digital marketer for 7 years, I love digital marketing because it gives everyone equal opportunity to grow his/her business. 


I help companies & business owners to create marketing plan, design sales funnels & website, build Facebook messenger bot (chatbot), run Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads, and manage social media. 


I started back then in 2013 when I was in college studying for a Bachelor degree in Automobile Engineering . As a college student I started learning from books and courses I bought from different digital marketing experts. It was not easy to master things because I had no mentor at the time. After failing to master things, at the end of 2013 I decided to find mentors. 

In 2014 I decided to buy courses and find a mentor who will help me to master digital marketing. In 2014 I started to build sales funnels for different business owners after learning from Russell Brunson, the founder of clickfunnel and from Anik Singal. Anik Singal taught me how to create marketing plans, tools you need to launch a business and how to scale a business. 


In the past 7 years I have helped people run PPC ads on facebook, google, youtube and instagram, I have created sales funnels for them, run email marketing campaigns, managed their social media accounts and scale their business.   

I specialize in;

PPC advertising

Using my knowledge in PPC marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube), I generate more conversions (sales & leads) daily while keeping the ad cost low.

Sales funnel building

I build high converting sales funnels for lead generation and for selling both digital and physical products.


I Provide digital marketing consultation call for companies and business owner. 

Email & messenger marketing

I specialize in setting up email automation, sequence, cleaning email list, manging email list and building facebook messenger bot.


PPC (Facebook & Instagram ads)

Sales funnel design

Facebook Messenger Bot and email marketing

I'm ready to work anytime. I'm goal-oriented, and  Client Satisfaction is My Ultimate Goal. 
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